CAPABILITIES and machinery I use

  • CNC Waterjet
  • CNC Vertical Mill
  • Manual Vertical Mill
  • CNC CO2 Laser Cutter / Engraver
  • CNC 3D Printer


  • Wood Working
  • Wood Jointer
  • Wood Planer / Hand Planer
  • Table Saw / Miter Saw
  • Bench Router / Portable Router


  • TIG / MIG Welding
  • Media Blast and Powdercoating
  • Manual Metal Lathe
  • 2D/3D Vector Based CAD drawings
  • Metal Working


When I build something, I make it to last generations.  If I build a table for someone, it will be the last one they will ever need to buyMy designs are simple, bold, timeless and structurally engineered to be far stronger than they need to be.  I don't rush to complete any project and all of my wood and metal work is done with precision and skill.  Each hand crafted piece will be a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that you will be able to proudly display in your home or office space for years to come.  I'm a serial inventor and artist and I am always looking for my next project.  I have a broad skill set in the shop which allows me to use many different tools, machinery and materials.  Contact me for any of your custom design and fabrication needs.     


Design Philosophy